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Click here to RSVP for the upcoming events.

Event will be hosted by Aimee, the Organizer of the event. 

Workshops with materials provided by Google's will be presented by Aimee and will be free of charge. 

Ocassionally, we will be hosting special events on a monthly basis.  

Most are free of charge, excpet special classes and training for special skills.  

For special classes and training courses, these will be at fee based according to the training classes.

Some of our events will be presented by qualified speakers.  

If you think you're a good speaker and have an excellent subject that benefits the business community, feel free to contact us.


(*) More about the presenter:

Aimee Iarussi Photography is the Official City Partner for Let’s Put Lewisville on the MapAimee is a Street View Trusted Photographer, trained and certified by Google, since March 2012. Aimee has been serving businesses in DFW as well as businesses in other cities and states with virtual tour photoshoots of the businesses and put them on Google Map for them.   Aimee is also a Google Trusted Verifier of for Google+ Local page for business.  Aimee provides the following services:

  • Virtual tour photoshoot and publish on Google Maps
  • Create Google+ Local page for businesses
  • Claim your Google+ Local page
  • Optimize your Google+ Local page
  • Verify your Google+ Local page

Contact: Aimee's 360 Panorama Photography