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For our upcoming networking event, please see below helpful information for Microsoft Store - NorthPark Center in Dallas.  Most importantly, look for the entrance for Kona Grill and AMC Theater.  Go through that entrance and walk straight ahead.  Microsoft Store will be inside the mall half way toward the other entrance on the upper left hand corner of the crosswalk.

Microsoft Store - NorthPark Center

NorthPark Center, 8687 N Central Expy #1612, Dallas, TX 75225

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This is our Business PR News community channel on YouTube.

It has everything and anything that is related to a community of fun and exciting things, as well as interesting subject matters that we like to share with our visitors.  For Business PR News YouTube channel that helps promote businesses in a community, you'll find a link to it from our community channel once you're there.  Thanks and Enjoy!

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