Building Strong Business Community Since 2005

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I am very active in my community and enjoy helping people.  And my sites have never ever had any ads until recently.  I want to test ads using Adsense and so I can teach people about Adwords and Adsense for their business. 

My company started with the passion of bringing together our business community through monthly networking - free of charge (unless occasionally there is a class).  The networking was intended to help people come together to tell about their business and share their business information with one another in a networking environment. 

In addition, we brought in speakers from the news media (Dallas Morning News several times; publishers, twice from the Dallas Business Journal; famous radio talk show hosts; and anchors from the T.V. news channels 4, 5, 11, several times) to teach the business community how to do their own PR.  People learned so much from the news media community on how to contact news stations and publications and get their news covered.  It was a great service for our community.  

We did that every month from 2006 to 2011 with attendees from 100 to 200.  It was very successful and was FREE of charge, every month.  The word PR was PR for the "business" community and the word News was short for newsletter. 

"Business PR News" is a newsletter website connecting all my ten Meetup groups, Facebook groups, Google groups, local chambers of commerce business people/friends  groups to come together and to know what is going on around town and around each one of my groups of 3,900+/- members.

We passionately love to help our business community thrive and grow.  I've been doing all these events free every month since 2004.  I have helped launch several successful people and businesses, whether they will acknowledge it or not, but I have people tell me that, "Aimee, you have help launched so and so."  and I replied thank you, yes, I know. 

Again, if you look around my sites, you will see my past events, past speakers, and past articles/blogs.  I don't talk about it or about me, because, it is not a bragging matter.  I enjoy, truly enjoy, seeing a business turning around from falling to rising, from failing to to thriving; and a lost soul finds his/her place in this world - namely in this case - when people lose their jobs and don't know where to go.  

I invite them to come and speak about their talent from their years of experience and to find a place in this world that they can start a business, instead of wondering where their next employment is coming from.  I even have classes that help them think if "business" is something they want to do or try, while they are looking for work. 

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