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Someone wrote me an email asking what exactly I do.  You know, after being in business for so long, you tend to grow in all directions, but stay in course of what you do. 

For example, you started small with just a few feet wide and few feet tall in front of you.  As you started doing a good job and growing from there, your horizon started to grow as well.  Now your few feet becomes a few yards, wide and tall.  You add on a few items to your plate, products and services.  You then became an expert in areas that you passionate about the most.  Then your business grow even more.  Now those few feet to few yards becomes a few hundred yards.  Ten years later, it is few thousand yards, wide and tall.  Still, you have to hold on to your rein and keep riding along.  You grow your business.  You go with the flow.  You go in the direction where your business grows the most and keep riding at that direction.  It is okay to have expansion.  Don't be shy about it.  Go!  Go do what you love doing the most. But stay in course.

Well, as a child growing up in a family business.  My passion to run a business is forever strong.  My great grand father led the way.  Taught us well.  Very strict.  Very successful.  I have ideas of how I want to run my business.  You see, each one of us is different and individual in our own ways.  No need to try to be like someone else.  Should always pat yourself on the shoulder for a job well done, whatever it is, howsoever the size of its success or progress.  Never the less, never undermine yourself or others. 

So, in reply ot an email today from someone asking what exact I do.  And here's my reply (some slight changes here than the exact reply due to certain contents are specific to the inquirer):

Our business has multiple divisions: web design (I did, and many more), hosting (our, PR (share great PR stories on our, network for businesses (, organizing networking events and expo (10 Meetup groups monthly for ten years) and more.  
We've grown from helping just a few friends ten years ago to thousands of businesses coming together meeting with each other and learning more about each other business throughout these past ten years.  Other sites I built for the community (such as, and some private sites that I used to voice my thoughts and ideas with the community online.  Also am an expert in the social media and Apps arena (see list on bottom of and more.
I give classes in groups as well as in private to companies and individuals on how to better market themselves online and in person.  I don't make too much noise about me and myself, but I do may a lot of noise for my clients.  

Currently, we took up a project from Google (see and have been busy for the past three years with it.

Hope the above help you to understand more of what I do. 


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