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To Those Who Signed Up or Renewed Your VIP Membership, Here is Our Welcoming Message For You:

Please join me and welcome our new VIP member, Christine Paul.  Also please welcome Scott Schilling, a renewal VIP, 3rd year in a row.  These VIP members have signed up or renewed their VIP membership before noon on May 3rd Monday.  Hence, Christine and Scott can immediately enjoy our newly added Internet PR VIP program.  See below.  Any one of  you who wish to take advantage of this promotion, do it now before noon on May 3rd Monday.  We will set up your VIP Profile and kick off the Internet PR VIP program for you.

Welcome aboard our VIP Network Club!  Thank you!  We’re in the process of setting up your VIP profile and will immediately show you and our Network and groups what the new features are that we have for new or renewal VIP members with the new program, Internet PR.

One of our Internet PR features is:  Your Audio PR Messages.  You get all of the following to go with it.

  1. One of the new features in our VIP membership is the recorded audio PR message from you.  You can introduce yourself, or let us know about your upcoming events, etc.  Messages that are about you and your business. 
  2.  Here’s the number and extension to dial in to record your message: (214) 615-6445 ext 8017  No charge from us to call (long distance charges may apply).  You have up to 60 minutes.  Once you’re happy with your message, hang up.  Your audio recording will be saved in our AIBusinessPro, web media streaming account. 
  3.  I will email you a copy of the audio to do whatever you like.  Save a copy for yourself.  Email to your customers or potential clients so they can hear about your business, etc.  
  4.  We will also include the audio in your VIP profile, our newsletter home page at
  5.  Anything posted on our homepage goes to our Facebook Profile page, our Facebook Blog page, our web presence on Dallas Business Journal, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and other news media sites
  6. These above are only a few of the new features and programs for our VIP members effective June 1st 2010 that we talked about in our May 2010 Newsletter.  Since you signed up for our VIP program before noon Monday May 3rd, as stated in our May 2010 Newsletter, you can enjoy our new Internet PR VIP program immediately!
Next, for your VIP profile to be posted on our VIP website at, please send me the following.  Note, all information is optional except your name or business name.
Your BIO
Business Information
Logo and/or your picture(s)
Any questions, feel free to contact me.
Thank you very much for your faith and trust in us and our program. Welcome to our VIP Network Club.

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