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Have been extremely busy, but yet, want to keep our community updated on what's happening.  So, we thought of every possible ways that we can come up with, yet easy, and on the go at the same time.

Yup!  We did it! 

So, on our site here, on the left column, it will be our tweets.  On the right column, it will be our Facebook updates.  See, while we're on the go, busy on the road, we still want to keep our site up dated with what's happening.  So, simply tweeting on Twitter and posting on our Facebook page, is the answer (at least for now).  And most of all, it is all done via  our phone!

It is so easy nowadays to keep up our social media updates with our phones. 

Next, I'll have my Google+ Local page's updates here too.  We'll simply embed the page on our site here and there, you'll have our updates while we're busy on the road.  Will keep you all updated when we have our Google+ Local page embedded on the site here.



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