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Our PR Event
August 20, 2007

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Welcome to our Online Tradeshow Main Showroom! Effective now, especially for the new year, we're having business expos for our members. Each room listed below brings you to a showroom. Each showroom has many businesses exhibiting inside. Each business in each showroom has it's own exclusiveness to that type of business in that particular showroom. There will only be one type of business in each showroom. All VIP members get the first choice to pick the showroom he/she likes to showcase their busines online at our BusinessPRnes.com(*). If you're interested to join our Online Tradeshow, click here to contact us.

Ready for Visitors!

Bowling | DIGIKIDS | Dallas Stars
Moving | Skin Care | Speaker

Ready for Visitors!

Car Repair | Insurance | Speaker

Ready to Fill in the Room

Ready to Fill in the Room

Ready to Fill in the Room



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