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Someone came up with this, and don't know who, but it is pretty popular in the social media arena.  The one who shared it is Muffin Break on Facebook.  At the time when I shared it on my Facebook, it has been already shared 9,635 times and been liked by 1,609 people. No doubt, the number has increased by the time you read about this here.   But interestingly, only 2,787 actually posted their comment on this message.  I posted and I shared it on my Facebook. I even liked it.  Hmm... perhaps, some of those who shared it and liked it want to keep their finding of the three words that describe them, privately.  That's okay.  I too did kept it quiet until I realized, I want to share it, loud and clear.  Because it was quite interesting how saw the three words.  Amazing.  Is the first work.  And Amazing is a word that I use a lot.  I even love it and repeated it over and over that papa Smurf would say, "Amazing!  Absolutely amazing!" instead of getting mad at some unkind scheme that whoever it was trying to do.  With that amazing-ness in my mouth, he always come up with great solutions.

 The first three words I saw were... amazing, beautiful and fool.  I didn't like the last one, so I looked again.  I then saw hope.  In reality, I realized, the word fool do describe me, but in a positive way, most of the times.  For example, In a funny way, when someone tells me a joke, believe me not, I believe them, until they laugh.  I realized then, I was fooled.  So, that made me a fool, am I?  Another example, what fool is it out there that loves to spend all her time helping others?  And yet, it is my passion.  So, it has been for many years.  It has been as if it is my destiny.  I finally accepted, it is who I am.  So, the word "fool" seems true in its strong sense.  Amazing, when I looked again, I found hope.  Isn't that interesting.  Nice game.  Love it.  You should give it a try.  Perhaps, share it and see what people say. Enjoy!


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