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Experts at one to one video marketing strategies based on a 31 year heritage of building successful brands.


Bob Kaplitz  joined the media research and consulting firm AR&D in 1980 after a distinguished career in broadcast journalism -- a career which included reports on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite and recognition by RTNDA as Best TV Investigative Reporter in the U.S. and Canada.

The Content Marketing division's clients include the Dallas Cowboys, The Four Seasons Resort and Club, Sundance Square, Kids R Kids Learning Academy, and many professionals.

Bob has consulted TV stations and media groups in markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland and has spoken abroad in cities as far flung as Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong.  For WFAA-TV in Dallas, he helped develop the highly successful "Spirit of Texas."

He's consulted the best communicators and videographers in the business, and now brings his three decades of viewer research and insight to businesses to help tell their stories.

As VP of New Media for the DFW American Marketing Association, he pioneered social media video, driving up attendance beyond projections.

Bob also lectures on international advertising and new media to MBA students at the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management. The Dean of the business school recognized him multiple times for excellence in teaching.

He earned a Master of Science degree in marketing and journalism from the Newhouse Communications Center at Syracuse University.

His blog,, is nearing two million hits worldwide.


    84% of on-line users view video.
    54% of users use YouTube to search video. Two billion searches a week.
    Video beats text along in Google searches. 
    Average length of video of watched: 1:41.
    Video provides a powerful storytelling vehicle.
    Authenticity creates believers.
    Real People connect with Real People.
    Create Passion, and Passion creates sales.
    Video is affordable for ALL companies.
    Did you read the book "Titanic"?  Did you see the movie?
    So why do you try to reach your prospects with text only -- and not video?

Come to our PR Networking Event on February 8, 2012 and speak to Bob in person to learn more about how to handle the news media if you get an interview, and most of all, how you can handle a video with poise and tell your story that captures attention.

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