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Time after time, I kept telling people that, praise when you can.  Don't criticize.  Criticism is the fastest destroyer of anything, any progress, any success, in personal life and in business environment. 

When is the last time you you feel good when your boss come by and criticize the work that you spent nights and days working on?

When is the last time you feel good when your parents criticize you?  Do you feel good in your spirit or did it break you?

If any one of you wanted a good result from those around you and a happier relationship, PRAISE! instead of criticize.

Praise brings a better result then criticize in anything we do.  I'm not a scientist, but someone in that field will agree that when you 're happy, your body gives out this chemistry that makes you happier.  And when you're not, or feeling unhappy, it gives this bad chemistry that makes you feel worst and can cause harms to the body.  So, stay off criticizing.

You might think criticizing brings in a better result, it might, but for a short term. For long run, it destroys.  In some instances, criticize might help, like every now and then, but please, stop non-stop criticizing.

Next time, yuou want to criticize, think. Take the word phrase that you are about to say, and ask yourself, what else can I say in place of these words and have the same meaning?  Think of a message that give a positive message and brings in a better result than criticizing.

For example, your child comes home and got a C on a test.  Look through the paper and praise the good ones that he/she got correct.  Then look at the ones that are wrong and "ask" what  the correct answer should be.  Get down and dig into the books and help that child find the answer together.  At the end, praise again for the good works that he/she did.  The correct answsers that he/she got.

You will see how fast the result and changes in this child will be.  Everything is better when you approach an issue with a positive behavior instead of a negative one.

Another scenerio, your spouse went shopping, preparing and cooked a big dinner for everyone at the party, but burned the veggie dish.  Doh't go, "Man!  You ruin everything!  What are we going to have for vegetable now?!?"

That is awful. 

Well, if you wonder what other appoach in that burned veggie dish situation? Praise.

"Wow! Everything looks so yummy. Don't worry.  I see what we have in the frige. It's not the end of the world.  We can make something else."

Would that be nicer?  Would that make the person feels better?  It is definitely nice to know that you can help.

Bad enough she feels bad. Don't make her feel worst.

Praise, people, praise, whenever you can. Don't complain.  Help out if you can. Don't bash the other person.

Criticize is the fastest way to destroy a person and the relationship with that person.  Even if you think criticize will toughing up a person, it doesn't.  I am sure you wouldn't want to be called stupid and dumb everyday. 

Would you want people to tell you how beautiful you are?  What a great dinner!  What a great sculpture you made!  Beautiful new dress, where did you get it?  Beautiful hair.  Nice!  Genuinely look for something nice to say.  Don't make up things. Look for something genuinely nice and praise.

Do that 24 hours with someone.  You will see how fast you feel good and how good the other person feels about him or herself.  Next, you don't even know why, you and that person is happier, especially with one another.

Praise. Praise.  Praise!



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