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Aimee's Daily Notes, Jan. 27, 2017:  Friday PR Tips: Ride with the Wave

Have a story about your business, your products or service ready to go with the wave of what the hot topic is at the time.  Whatever is hot right now, do something about it with your business.  Get the attention of the general public and ride along the wave. Do something special and put out a press release on it.

Aimee's Daily Notes, Jan. 20, 2017: Friday PR Tips: Inauguration Day

This day comes only every four years. Whether we have time to watch it today or not, to attend it or not, but many people will search online for any information regarding this subject. It is a hot topic right now. Notice people online just write anything regarding this hot topic right now and their pages get view with organic search result. On YouTube, it is packed with videos on this subject. Think about it. Think of an article or things to do that will bring in the organic search result.


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