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From one event on April 17th that we did, our attendees, who are members in our DFW Busines s Network, are mentioned in the article in the Sunday papers of the Dallas Morning News Business section!!  Debbie Sardone, our VIP Member, is featured in the article and with a beautiful picture of Debbie in her Lewisville office. 

Bruce Painter, a member of our Network, who came to our event on April 17th is mentioned in the article.  Brad a barterer, another member in our Network, was also mentioned in the article about Vantage Barter.

On April 17th, when Brad attended our Meetup on Barternomics, he went back and posted a feedback online at one of our Meetup groups, saying, "It's great to meet others who understand Barter and what it can do for business. —Brad

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From Our April 17th Speaking Engagement, Our Speaker and VIP Member, Debbie Sardone Will Be Featured In Dallas Morning News Business Section On Sunday June 3rd Because of Our Event!!

Back Track:  April 17th Event that Debbie spoke of on Barternomics -

YouTube video with testimonials from our attendees -

Enjoy!  It's great day!


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