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Sept. 1, 2011 - Updates:

This page was set up on Jan. 8, 2009, to list all our Meetup groups so our friends and members can easily find our groups that they want to join and to learn more.  Today, we added our Facebook group and community page for you!  Join in and take a look!

Our Networking Groups in Meetup

Each of these Meetup groups below are individual private groups that we own and organize.  During the year, we have monthly networking events.  Some are combined for greater benefit.  Some are monthly on their own.  We have Business Expo, Trade Shows, Show and Tell special seminars and events during the year.  These events are posted as they schedule.  Be sure to visit our for more information.  Any questions, feel free to contact us.


DFW Business Network Group
AIBusinessPro, Marketing with Web Video & Audio
DFW Entrepreneur Network Group
DFW Internet and New Tech Network Group
All Meetup Organizer Network
DFW Do-It-Yourself PR
Non-Profit Support Meetup Group
DFW Working Parents Network Group
All Rosary Makers Group / Site:

 New York

Social Media

Business PR News Facebook Group
Business PR News Facebook Community


For a list of our websites, click here.



This is our Business PR News community channel on YouTube.

It has everything and anything that is related to a community of fun and exciting things, as well as interesting subject matters that we like to share with our visitors.  For Business PR News YouTube channel that helps promote businesses in a community, you'll find a link to it from our community channel once you're there.  Thanks and Enjoy!

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