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Zig Ziglar will always live in my heart.  We can always learn from all that Zig has left on earth for all of us to learn from him.

Stubborn and hardheaded me!  For years, even as I was hearing so many great things about Zig Ziglar and his great messages, speeches, news, books and audio cassettes and CDs, I had always avoided Zig and all his famous material. 

Needless to say, I've never bought a thing that had anything Zig Ziglar related.  I felt that I can do it all without learning from him.  Well, I was wrong; deeply wrong. 

Zig Ziglar, was a wonderful person, no air of importance, a very humble and gentle person to talk with.  I met Zig face to face, by faith and by chance, yes, I met him as he called out my name in the audience.  I told him that I've been avoiding him all my life.  He laughed, and so did I. 

Here, I collected the memories online and my story of "How I Met Zig Ziglar, the Great Person that I've Avoided All My Life" on this site, as a memoir that I dedicate to Zig Ziglar.

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