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Aimee's Daily Notes, Jan. 25, 2017:  Wednesday Marketing Tips: Have a Specific Message for Your Brand

It is very important to have a specific message for your brand and brand that message across the platform of marketing.  Have it in print.  Have it online.  Have it when  you go networking.  Have it ready when someone ask what do you do.  Brand your image.  Brand your message.  Brand your business. 

Aimee's Daily Notes, Jan. 18, 2017: Wednesday Marketing Tips!  Branding

A long time ago, I went into the supermarket looking for the tomato sauce that I always used, but it was no where in sight. I walked up and down the aisle looking up and down the shelves, it wasn't there. I finally asked the staff for help. The knew exactly what I was talking about. They brought me to the shelves where the tomato sauce was. I could't believe it. It was right there in front of me. I didn't know it was the sauce that I've been using forever. They change the label, the design, and everything. It looks like a brand new company that just came out. Totally not recognizable.

Make sure your brand stay the same if it is working. If you make any changes, must let your customers know so they can find you.


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