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Aimee's Daily Notes, Jan. 24, 2017:  Tuesday Entrepreneur Tips: Have a Game Plan Regularly and Stick to It

Plan ahead of time. Write it all down. Step by step, list everything that needs to get done and get it done. It sounded so easy, but it takes discipline. In our next monthly meetup networking on the 2nd Wednesday of February 8th, we will be focusing on the things that successful entrepreneurs do. Workbook will be ready. A video to go with workbook for all attendees and paid RSVP members and guests, is in the work. Workbook and video are getting it ready for our next monthly meetup.

Aimee's Daily Notes, Jan. 17, 2017: Tuesdasy Entrepreneur Tips! You are Your Best and Toughest Manager

Remember, as an entrepreneur, you need to make sure that you are your best and toughest manager.  You set goals and tasks to accomplish on a regularly basis.  No taking a break longer than normal just because you're on your own.  Make sure that you stick to a game plan for your business.  For example, I have a very strict game plan for making sure we have new people, follow-up with potential clients, meetings, closing, order to process and works to complete, all on a weekly basis.  If any on eof these items are less in an part of the week, I will check with my team and push them to do more to make sure they accomplish the goal.  Setting goals is very important.  It is like a road map that guides you from point A to point B.  Stick to your game plan.

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