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* Aimee's Daily Notes are tips and fun facts for businesses and entrepreneurs. Occasionally, will be PR for special businesses that has a ppositive story or business model. Will post it her daily. A lot of work, but will do our best to keep it up. Weekend Daily Notes will be reading and Gospel for the day. Aimee's Daily News will be archived here.


As a Google Trusted Photographer, I enjoy photoshooting businesses and putting their virtual tours on Google.   Read more about it on

I photoshot my office last year.  The tour has been on Google Maps all this time.   I've updated my office and wanted to change some furniture around.  So I decided to re-photoshoot my office for a new tour. 

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When a new tour is uploaded, it will override the old tour on Google.  So I video recorded the old virtual tour and put it on YouTube. 

After I did the new tour yesterday, I decided to put the new one on YouTube too, so people can see how my office looks now :-)  Check this out! 

Updated tour of our office published February 2013 in a video


As a Google Trusted Photograher, virtual tours that we photoshoot for businesses get published on Google.  In addition, I can record these tours and put them in video.  Plus, I can even put these videos on YouTube for you!  Just as I did for mine above.


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