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As a Google Trusted Photographer, I enjoy photoshooting businesses and putting their virtual tours on Google.   Read more about it on

I photoshot my office last year.  The tour has been on Google Maps all this time.   I've updated my office and wanted to change some furniture around.  So I decided to re-photoshoot my office for a new tour. 

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When a new tour is uploaded, it will override the old tour on Google.  So I video recorded the old virtual tour and put it on YouTube. 

After I did the new tour yesterday, I decided to put the new one on YouTube too, so people can see how my office looks now :-)  Check this out! 

Updated tour of our office published February 2013 in a video


As a Google Trusted Photograher, virtual tours that we photoshoot for businesses get published on Google.  In addition, I can record these tours and put them in video.  Plus, I can even put these videos on YouTube for you!  Just as I did for mine above.


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