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* Aimee's Daily Notes are tips and fun facts for businesses and entrepreneurs. Occasionally, will be PR for special businesses that has a ppositive story or business model. Will post it her daily. A lot of work, but will do our best to keep it up. Weekend Daily Notes will be reading and Gospel for the day. Aimee's Daily News will be archived here.


All across the country, according to the news, 49 states were covered in a heavy snow storm.  Even in states that normally wouldn't have snow, they got packed down by heavy snow.  February 11, 2010 made history for many states in the U.S.  Mother Nature often surprises us with events that many of us, even the trees and insects feel the pressure. 

Yesterday, as we were driving home, I noticed something very different. For a moment, it was almost unrecognizable.  Something that caught my attention, in the dark of the night, with the sky so covered up in snow and thick, thick clouds.  I saw every tree was bent, crouched over to the ground, loaded down with the heavy weight, to a point where every tree, even a big tall strong tree, couldn't bear the weight of the heavy snow.  I felt so bad looking at these tress.  They were so green, and weighted down with cold heavy snow.  Every tree, a whole line of them.  Every corner that our car drove by, every tree was pulled down to the ground. 
I almost forgot how tall, how beautiful, how proud these trees looked all the other times.  For a moment, I thought I saw, like the hands of God, pull down every big tall tree that was proud and tall, arrogant and looking down on all creatures that go by it everyday.  I saw how they were brought down to the ground and crouched with all arrogance gone, all pride vanished, all humbled by Mother Nature that took over for a day.

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