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Aimee's Daily Notes, Jan. 24, 2017:  Tuesday Entrepreneur Tips: Have a Game Plan Regularly and Stick to It

Plan ahead of time. Write it all down. Step by step, list everything that needs to get done and get it done. It sounded so easy, but it takes discipline. In our next monthly meetup networking on the 2nd Wednesday of February 8th, we will be focusing on the things that successful entrepreneurs do. Workbook will be ready. A video to go with workbook for all attendees and paid RSVP members and guests, is in the work. Workbook and video are getting it ready for our next monthly meetup.

Aimee's Daily Notes, Jan. 23, 2017:  Monday Business Tips: Keep up to date on the latest

Pick up a book or watch a YouTube video, pick one topic and learn something new. If you're too busy and have no time to read, then pick a topic and look it up on YouTube. Keep your sword polish. Keep up with the latest trend. Learn the latest on technology. For example, what's new in CES 2017. All these are great information that are helpful and useful for your business, especially for you. Keep up to date on the latest technology, the latest trend. It is very important for you and for your business.

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