These Are My Meetup Groups that American Express is Sponsoring:

Dallas, TX

Dallas Internet Entrepreneurs


DFW Business Network

DFW Entrepreneurs Network

New York, NY

New York Business Network Group

 * American Express OPEN Sponsors our Business & Entrepreneur Meetup groups, Texas & New York

2009: American Express OPEN continue to sponsor our DFW Business Network Meetup group and our New York Business Network Meetup group.

2008: American Express selected five groups from Texas, we have all four in Dallas!!

These are our groups that have been selected.

Congratulation! Now that you're in a group that is being sponsored by American Express, you're in front of a big giant with a big eye!


1/24/08: That's me, Aimee! Standing up talking, telling everyone about my nine groups, with communication centralized in one location: I told them about our monthly meetings for each of the business, entrepreneur, Internet entrepreneur, our FREE PR group and Organizer group.

1/24/08: It's me, Aimee! I just walked through the front entrance of the building to Meetup headquarter.

1/25/08: Susan Sobbott, President, OPEN from American Express

1/25/08: Question: Do you all us a business credit card.
Answer is... all raised their hands!

1/25/08: Seth Godin, author of Meatball Sundae
Speaking to us about his marketing insight

1/25: Closing Ceremony! A group of 32 power Organizers from Meetup that American Express Sponsored.

1/24: Me, Aimee and Sam, my Assistant Organizer of our New York Business Network group.