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You know what I missed the most?  Believe it not, it is my Aimee's Daily Notes.  I started Aimee's Daily Notes a long time ago and kept it going on a daily basis.  I fine tuned it to a format that works best for all of us.  And now, with the way Internet is, and the growth of social media and technology, we are able to do more. 

As you can see, I have my Twitter on one side of this site, and Facebook on the other side.  It is so much easier for me to keep up our communication with everyone that way.

Well, isn't that the way for everyone nowadays?  Got busy with social media and leave their sites behind?  It looks like that way for me, but it' isn't.  I just have been so busy with a new project that is growing and is still growing.  I'll tell you more about it, in Aimee's Daily Notes coming up.

So, the format is going to be the same as before. One full page a month. Newest updates on top of the page for that month.  It'll be short and brief. Anything longer, will be a full article on its own page.

Aimee's Daily Notes will be just as before, full of excitement and tips for the day, plus wisdom and full of insight for businesses and for entrepreneurs.  We'll talk of new movies, new books, new gadgets, or simply something that is changing in our community. 

Glad to turn it back on. Stay tuned for Aimee's Daily Notes.  We'll start it back up on June 1st, a couple of days from now.

For the meantime, subscribe to our RSS!!  Follow us on Twitter.  Be active with us on our Facebook. If you like to follow us on our other social media sites too.  Check out the list below on the bottom of this site.

Stay tuned for Aimee's Daily Notes on June 1st!

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